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A two-dimensional material refers to a material
whose atoms have a single atomic layer thickness and form a crystal structure in a plane

2차원 나노원소재

Tungsten Disulfied (WS₂)
  • 조회 : 133
  • 작성일 : 2019/10/08
WS2, Manufacturer : 2D semiconductors
Crystal size
~1cm in size
Undoped (Intrinsic semiconductor)
Material properties
2.02 eV emission (300K), Direct bandgap semiconductor
Crystal structure
Hexagonal phase
Unit cell parameters
a = b = 0.317 nm, c = 1.230 nm, α = β = 90o γ = 120o
Growth method
[Default] Flux zone (no halide contamination) defect free
99.9999 % confirmed
14 years of growth optimization in chemical vapor transport (CVT) as well as flux growth lead to our flawless WS2 crystals: Our large size (~1cm in size) vdW WS2 crystals are treated as gold standards in 2D materials field. The only commercial WS2 crystals that come with guaranteed valleytronic and PL responses. WS2 crystals from 2Dsemiconductors are known for its superior valleytronic performance, perfect crystallization, defect free structure, extremely narrow PL bandwidths, clean PL spectra (free of bound exciton shoulders), and high carrier mobility. Thousands of scientific articles have cited us and used these crystals for scientific accuracy and clean signals. Electronic dopants: Please also see our n- and p-type WS2 crystals doped with Au, Re, Nb, or other transition metal atoms.